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Film & Television Agency launch Australia's first 4K UHD Video Podcast and Broadcast Studio

Film & Television Agency, one of Sydney’s leading video production agencies, has stepped into the podcast and broadcasting world with the launch of the first 4K ultra high definition broadcast studio that is purpose built for podcast in Australia.

Conveniently located in the heart of Parramatta at Film & Television Agency’s head office, podcasters can record their podcasts in the soundproofed studio while also filming the entire session on video with the 5 camera multi-cam setup. In an industry first, the studio also has the ability to live stream the entire session simultaneously on multiple channels, giving content creators not just one, but several forms of content in the one recording session.

During each podcasting session, the broadcast is recorded live, delivering all content on the fly. Having the video edited then and there, Film & Television Agency give the podcaster the finished product as fast as they can speak, with the option of snippets of the session also provided for micro content.

Film & Television Agency have launched Australia's first podcasting and broadcasting studio. Record and film your podcast while also sending live to your audience on all your social media channels.

Podcasts are increasingly growing in popularity, with over 1.6 million Australians downloading audio and video podcasts in an average four week period according to a study done by Roy Morgan. Evidence collected in The ABC’s annual podcast survey also shows that Australian podcast listeners are listening to podcasts more frequently, with 50% of listeners who listened to a podcast in the last week claim to listen to at least 5 hours of podcast content.

Google has now also jumped on the podcasting trend with including podcasts within search results, and giving more authority to websites who include video in their pages.

When asked why the company felt it a smart move to open a podcasting studio, Film & Television Agency’s CEO Helal Shmeissem said, “Producing content the traditional way could take weeks, even months. Podcasting is a new form of content that is really under-utilised, and live broadcasting even more so. There’s less preparation producing a live podcasting show. It’s raw, it’s uncategorised, it’s on the fly, and it’s one of those productions where we can give our clients 10-20 pieces of content in one session.

“So we took a leap and spared no expense to create a unique studio experience. We thought it would be a good opportunity to give our clients the chance to experience what television networks create on a daily basis. We understand our clients find it difficult to produce video content. So we’ve taken the leap to simplify the process.

Since launching, Film & Television Agency has also launched LiveLeader.com.au, putting the broadcast studio to good use. Liveleader.com.au is a free on-demand content on leadership, hosting some of the most well-known executive leaders in the country who have done what most entrepreneurs would love to learn.

Helal and the entire Film & Television Agency crew look forward to sharing their love of podcasting and broadcasting with clients and welcome them to the new state-of-the-art studio.

Film & Television Agency’s head office is located at Level 2, 96 Phillip Street, Parramatta. The office and studio are open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. Film & Television Agency specialises in video strategy, production & creative content creation, guiding clients into knowing what video content they’ll need and when.

Contact Film & Television Agency on 02 9633 9133 or at info@ftva.com.au

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