Passionate about the film industry, Helal is an Australian film director specialising in the advertising space, directing predominantly tv commercials in the luxury car market, finance and retail sectors locally and internationally.

After expanding his first sole trader business, single man operator from the ground up, he found himself quickly outgrowing the one man team, hence the need to create FTVA for both himself and his clients.

Aside from pursuing his passion for directing, he is also the CEO and founder of Film & Television Agency, As CEO Helal oversees the continual growth of the business in every direction and platform he acquires, ensuring maximum revenue for each department day to day.

Film & Television Agency delivers excellence in production & post production, broadcast, creative, sound design, animation, digital & advertising. 

A full range of services is on offer and tailored specifically to each client. He developed first to market production retainer programs for a value add to any business in need of more content but without the capital or budget on hand. Through interest free monthly instalments on annual projects, he was able to free up cash flow for his clients all whilst helping them produce more content for brand growth.

He has been recognised as a leader in corporate communication and advertising for both brand strategy and creative content production, making him a great source of knowledge for any business he involves himself with. He also excels in strategy and diverse industry knowledge.

Helal's biggest strength is company affiliation and has progressed to link himself with some of the largest brands and names in media, making Helal Shmeissem a generous source for potential.

Recognised as an influencer and entrepreneur in his field with multiple industry endorsements in place. A family man first then business is how his values are placed.

His success has taken him to further educate others through his mentoring program within the film industry and has established Australia's first practical only short course film school ultimately teaching students on how to actually make a living in film.